Modern Style


My Experience
I have been photographing in Sri Lanka for over seven years and have loved every minute of it. I combine photojournalism and modern photography to create outstanding, timeless photographs. My work is the result of a collaborative effort - I give you a little bit of direction and let the rest naturally all into place.
Speed of Capture


Great Images
I don't feel the need to over-process our images. A great image is great because of the moment it captures and the skill-set needed to capture it, not because of what's done to it afterwards. Simply stated, it's about telling your story through beautiful photographs.
Newst Technology


It's Amazing
Your photographs should convey a sense of life and reflect who you are. It's about capturing mood, emotion, and personality through the lens and turning them into amazing lifestyle photographs. My focus is on exceptional lighting, composition, and angles that make you look your best.
Get the Right Photographer for you

Your beautiful wedding day is very special. You have been planning it, possibly, for years. It is therefore essential that the happiest day of your lives is recorded correctly and without fuss. I believes in working with couples to ensure that the plans and wishes are met and that the resulting photography is of the highest standard. This is why all of our wedding photography packages
includes a pre-wedding consultation and photo session. We also work closely with your chosen venue to ensure that all the timings match and that the photography does not interupt your day. This allow us to ensure that we understand your needs and are able from our experience to offer advise on timings and the practicallities. On the day, I work quietly and unobtrusively behind
the scenes to ensure that every precious moment is captured as a lasting memory of the day. By the time you return from we aim to have your images ready for your own personal viewing in our exclusive Studio. The viewing allows you to relive your special day and to see a draft of your wedding album.
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